Alessia Luongo and Manuel Pernazza are two artists who offer early music concerts focused on the mixture of cultured and popular pieces.

The two artists travel with their performances to Italy and all over the world: they performed for festivals such as Mahòn Music Festival in 2021, "Opera Nova Festival" in 2022, Estate Romana from 2018 to 2022, Festival of Tammorra Night in 2022, Todi Festival in 2020 and many others.

They have been to Mahòn and Ciutadella in the Balearic Islands, to Graz in Austria, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Alessia Luongo and Manuel Pernazza have been awarded various prizes and awards. They were interviewed by Tg2 of the Italian national television. They talked about them "La repubblica", "il corriere della sera", the international magazine the "Mark Dunworth foundation".

They appear in a publication of a book by Mondadori-Piemme.

The "Geo & Geo" program dedicated an entire episode to their business.

The Museum of Civilizations has consecrated them "body and archive of a popular tradition".

They are in demand at several international festivals and travel the world with their shows and concerts.

The two artists boast the collaboration and artistic consultation of the director and musicologist Maestro Roberto De Simone.


ALESSIA e MANUEL are a couple in art and in life.

Alessia Luongo specializes in Baroque and Renaissance theater. She studied early music at the conservatory (lute, theorbo, colascione, baroque guitar). She is dedicated to musical projects that she produces as artist. She rediscovers the revolutionary force of the "popular music" by producing her recital on chitarra battente (ancient guitar of South Italy). She rediscovers the anthropology of ancient theater by winning prizes and awards; the Marconi Theater in Rome awards her as "Best Actress" in 2020.

She rewrites and arranges pieces and perform them on instruments belonging to the Baroque and Renaissance, bringing her recitals in different festivals and cities: Todi, Naples, Bolsena, Frascati, Tuscania, Livorno and Viterbo with her concert show for voice and lute. Her first solo album "Largo di Castello" in production, it's an album that contains singing and dancing on chitarra battente and colascione.

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Manuel Pernazza is the ambassador of the Polichinelle mask.

He is a researcher and interpreter of the mask: he rediscovers its customs, traditions and languages.

Interpreter of marked refinement and artistic ductility, he will be chosen by the director and musicologist Maestro Roberto De Simone in the show "Mozart and Salieri".

He also worked as a director and playwright, rediscovering ancient canvasses in an attempt to carry on the commedia dell'arte.